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Embassy barometer

Diplomats pessimistic at the end of 2014
Embassy 55

London’s diplomats divided over snooping allegations
Embassy 50

Diplomats’ guarded outlook for 2013
Embassy 44

Who is the diplomats’ choice for London Mayor?
Embassy 39

Women envoys on the rise
Embassy 38

WDS – charting a decade of progress
Embassy 38

Envoys want better leadership in 2012
Embassy 36

Envoys urge better leadership in 2012
Embassy 35

To tweet or not to tweet?
Embassy 34

Does The Monarchy serve a purpose in modern Britain?
Embassy 31

Have the WikiLeaks disclosures harmed or helped diplomacy?
Embassy 29

Has London Mayor Boris Johnson been good for the diplomatic community?
Embassy 28

Survey of Top Posts
Embassy 26

Will the Con-Dem coalition produce more or less effective foreign policy?
Embassy 26

Who will win the UK elections?
Embassy 25 – May 2010

Do you like the new US Embassy?
Embassy 23

Are Embassy receptions a waste of money?
Embassy 22

Will there be a  good deal at the end of Copenhagen?
Embassy 21

Who do you think will win the next elections?
Embassy 19

Are local staff worth the risk in hostile countries?
Embassy 18

Are British MPs better or worse than other MPs?
Is the European Parliament fit for purpose?
Embassy 17

Is President Obama taking US foreign policy in the right direction?
Embassy 14

In general, do political appointees or career diplomats make the best ambassadors?
Embassy 13

If you could vote for a US president for international
security, who would that be?

Embassy 12

What's hardest about doing your job in London?
Embassy 11

What do you like most about London?
Embassy 10

Does the EU risk losing global clout without the Lisbon Treaty?
Embassy 9

By-election blues: was Labour's recent defeat a temporary setback or is the tide turning?
Embassy 8

Who would make the best Ambassador for London?
Embassy 7

Do you pay the Congestion Charge? Has the exemption from the Emissions Charge caused you to rethink?
Embassy 6

Should Kosovo's independence be recognised?
Embassy 5

Are there ever an circumstances where it would be justified to leak official secrets in the public interest?
Embassy 4

The Diplomatic Year in Review
Embassy 3

Ken or Boris? you decide
Embassy 2

Is it all downhill for Gordon?
Embassy 1

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