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Consular Conference Links

Christopher Joell-Deshields (Bermuda) networks with Mark Stoochnoof (World Reach)

"IDscan found this event to be very intuitive and the interaction with members of Embassy's on a one to one or group basis struck excitement in what we do as a company. We are happy to be able to offer a tool to assist solve so many issues with all the embassy's around the world.  We are all working together already as a team to try and reduce the one issue which affects the globe! Fantastic audience and amazing hosts"
DScan Biometrics LTD

Claudio Rojo and Keisha Roshford-Hawkins (Trinidad & Tobago) meet Nunsio Giannone (InterContinetal Hotel Westminster)

"The event was well organised and well attended. It was incredibly helpful to meet so many important diplomats in such a relaxed and open environment. I was able to gain a good understanding from many of the diplomats as to their key remits and goals whilst they are in London. I also witnessed many diplomats connecting with each other to discuss similar challenges. An excellent opportunity to develop a strong consular support network for both diplomats and attendees"
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

Davinda Jayawardene (G4S) with Denys Buhera and Yuliya Pomazan (both Ukraine)

"This was first time we exhibited at this event & it was really worth it, the feedback we got was very positive for the services we offer & look forward to helping many of the Consulates we met"
CDN Consular Services Ltd

Nigel Coelho and Yaseen Effendi of VFS Global with Kerry Low (Embassy Group)

"The place to be! If you are a consul or in the business of consular services"
VFS Global

Consular Corps President Bernard Silver (Seychelles) gives some opening remarks

Kaye Hales (Embassy Group) welcomes Rana El Essa (Libya)

"Well organised and well attended event that provided excellent networking opportunities"

Fiona Greenwood (Rowland Brothers International) talks to Christian Lambert (France)

Georg Hasse (Secunet Security Networks) talks to Bernard Unkles (Australian High Commission)

"Very enjoyable experience. Excellent choice of speakers and the ideal opportunity to meet key people"
Albin International Repatriation Limited

Magnus Lofgren (Speed Identity) meets Marie Hoare and Birgitta Rahm (both Sweden)

Ben Sookia (Fragomen) in discussion with Sergiusz Wolski (Poland)

"Hope such meetings will be regular. Good opportunity to meet and discuss actual consular matters with the colleagues from another diplomatic and consular missions"
Embassy of Ukraine

Aneta Maria Magdalena Broda and Rafal Slowinski (London Legalisation Services) meet Ali Al Haj and Khalid Al Jarman (both UAE)

Cristina Porto (Refugee Action Choices) meets Milena Rangel and Francisca Ribeiro (Timor–Leste)

"The organisation of the event was excellent. Elizabeth and Kerry made us feel very welcome and introduced us to the audience in the best possible way"
Refugee Action

Claudia Lapeyre (Peru) in discussion with Kieran Trevedi (H&S Notary Practice)

"Informative and eye opening"
Belize High Commission

Dagmar Traub-Evans (Germany) exchanges information with Gary McWilliam and Paul Lee of CDN Consular Services

Consuls and consular service providers get down to some intense networking

"A fantastic opportunity to meet face to face with the representatives dealt with on a regular basis from various embassies"
H&S Notary Practice Limited

Consuls listen to presentation on outfoxing document fraudsters

"Networking for diplomats – Embassy Events does what it says on the tin!"
Rowland Brothers International

Consuls relax at the wine reception after a packed afternoon

Sue Ackerman (Rowland Brothers) and Tom Meanwell (Japan)

"The workshops were very informative and useful"
Embassy of Belgium

Gordon Wilson (World Reach) explains how case management software can assist consuls

"An extremely valuable networking and information gathering afternoon"
New Zealand High Commission

First Consular Conference a success
Almost 150 consuls from more than 80 missions gathered at the InterContinental Hotel Westminster for the first-ever Embassy Consular Conference, held in partnership with the Consular Corps of London.

The event included an afternoon of briefings, networking and product demonstrations from consular service providers who can help consuls meet the growing challenge of global mobility in the 21st century.
Diplomats received a detailed briefing on the new Immigration Bill from the Home Office and learned about the growing threat of travel document fraud from the National Document Fraud Unit. They also learned how to help their nationals involved in a mass casualty event and how to assist the voluntary returns of their irregular migrants.

Consuls were shown how technology – from consular case management software and high-tech document scanning to using social media as an outreach tool – provides solutions to help them cope with the mounting pressures of the job.


Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart welcomes consuls to the Consular Conference

"An event which attracted the great majority of the Consular Corps in London to a forum which enabled them to network and to receive concise briefings on a number matters of topical concern"
Burkina Faso Honorary Consulate

Yaseen Effendi (VFS) chats to Karen Etre (US)

"Diverse and future-focused workshops covering all areas of consular work"
Embassy of Japan

Matthew Maginn and Louise Potter (Children and Families Across Borders)

"Well organized, beautiful venue and good speakers"
US Embassy

Andrew Elliot (Home Office) gives an overview of the new Immigration Bill

"The consular event was an opportunity for networking with the official and commericial sector with a focus in the consular issues"
Embassy of the Republic of Yemen

Charlie Miller (National Document Fraud Unit) tells visa and passport officers how to spot a forged travel document

"The event combined both networking and in depth information on consular topics in a very balanced fashion"
Consulate General of Argentina

Paul Gardner (Chacalli De Decker) chats to Marjorie Hamblin (Barbados)

DS Heather Scott (Metropolitan Police) explains disaster management procedures

"Very necessary for consular work"
Cuban Embassy

Alli Suddaby (Foreign Office) talks about social media as a consular tool

DC Gill Piloni (Metropolitan Police) explains the role of a Family Liaison Officer

"The time I spent attending the conference was time well-invested. The workshop topics addressed exactly the concerns consular officers have as they go about their daily tasks"
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Anuska Casas Pinto (Refugee Action) gives an overview of their Assisted Voluntary Returns programme

Beau Simmons (Doctors of the World) meets Yangazu Ngwenya (Zambia) and Gabriela Urrutia Reyes (Nicaragua)

"Attending the workshop was a privileged experience and a learning process for all consular staff"
Sierra Leone High Commission

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