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Education Seminar Links

Embassy Education Seminar – July 2012

Elizabeth Stewart, Kerry Low and Kaye Hales of the Embassy Group

"This is always a very interesting event and provides a good opportunity to meet delegates from Embassies representing countries around the world"
University of Surrey

Azizan Othman and Kamaliah Abdul Rahman from Brunei Students Unit meet David Rose of the Dwight North London International School

MargaretAnne Khoury (Southbank International School) talks to Idla Raivoso (Mozambique)

"An assembly of education stakeholders and diplomats of the highest order"
CATS College

Heather Mulkey (International School of London Group) meets Beatrice Alfaro (El Salvador)

Hayley Snoding (Kent University) talks to Carlos Xastre (Portugal)

"The most efficient and enjoyable way to meet the diplomatic community"
Southbank International School

Mark Bruce (Cardiff Sixth Form College), the Moldovan Ambassador Iulian Frutasu and John Price-Thomas (Cardiff Sixth Form College)

Chris Broadhurst and Gergory Horobin of CATS College talk to Mohad Anizu Mohd Nor (Malaysia)

Melanie Gray (Wycliffe College) with Nigel Paddock (Oakham School)

"Well organised event, good location and excellent opportunity to network with a wide range of people from various Embassies"
Abbey DLD Group of Colleges

Sam Stover and Mary Mitchell of TASIS The American School in England talks to Laura McQuade (US)

Alex Boughton (Bristol University) with the Ambassador of Kyrgyztan Dr Baktygul Kalambekova

"A good opportunity to meet Embassy staff who otherwise may be inaccessible"
Queen Margaret University

Yavuz Mollasalihoglu (Turkey) meets Louise McCallum-Zeelenberg

Heather McKeever (Reading University) and Marsena Ballantyne (St Vincent and the Grenadines)

David Rice and Bortehan Dagistan (BPP University College of Professional Studies) meets Oksana Kyzyma (Ukraine)

"A very good opportunity to network with UK university representatives. The presence of diplomats from so many different countries made this event stand out in a very useful way from other similar events"
Clarendon International Education

Christine Pears and Victoria Donnelly of Durham University meet Laura Montenegro (Panama)

Carl Adaway (University of Wolverhampton) and Gabriella Urrutia Reyes (Nicaragua)

"This was an ideal opportunity to meet a strong potential market"

Joanne Ganderton-Smith meets Juan Manuel Uribe and Juan Ramon Samper (both Colombia)

Matthew Cook and Philip Hurd of the International Community School talk to Professor Ahmad Turkistani

“A useful event if you are interested in networking with embassy delegates and raise the profile of your institution”
University of Central Lancashire

Delegates pack the conference room

Delegates take notes

"An enjoyable event with excellent networking opportunities"
Regent’s College London

Ara Margarian (Armenia) asks a question

Prof Stephen Quirke gives a tour of the collection of Egyptian and Sudanese artifacts in the renowned Petrie Museum


The Ambassador of Moldova Mr Iulian Fruntasu meets David Stevens of University College London

Education without borders
With eductation becoming more global, it was appropriate that this year's Embassy Education Conference was held at UCL, known as "London's global university". Around 100 diplomats representing 70 missions attended to network with more than 40 top UK schools, colleges and universities. A distinguished panel of speakers also addressed the delegates on trends in international education, including Professor Michael Worton, Vice Provost (International) of UCL, Universities UK Chief Executive Nicola Dandridge, British Council Higher Education Adviser Dr John Law and the Independent Schools Council General Secretary Matthew Burgess. Consuls also attended to hear an informative briefing on student visas from Lee Bartlett of the UKBA as well as Dominic Scott, Chief Executive of UKCISA, who raised important points on student welfare. The afternoon programme ended with a tour of rare Egyptian and Sudanese artifacts at the world renowned Petrie Museum.


Florian Seitz (Germany) talks to Francisco Bustos (Abbey College Manchester)

All the diversity of educational opportunities in the UK at one spot.
Embassy of Ukraine

Sara Ndiaye (Senegal) with Tina McCloughlin (Newman University College)

"A very worthwhile afternoon, with excellent opportunities to network and very informative presentations"
Australian High Commission

Simon Fraser of Aston University meets Huong Nguyen (Vietnam)

Danielle Ferguson of Medipathways meets Khimanand Bhusal (Nepal)

"Great opportunity for Embassy officials to learn more about UK education both through seminars and one-to-one contact with school professionals"
Sutherland Education Group

Elijah James (Warwick University) meets Reda Oudghiri (Morocco)

Jacqui Brown and Susan Hunter of the University of Leeds talk to Tracey Flax from the British Virgin Isles

Daniel Rosiak (Sutherland Education Group) in conversation with Mr Ayman Nada (Egypt)

"This particular event has been providing me a lot of information that related to international students in the UK. I hope this event will be continued next year"
Malaysian High Commission

Steve Owen (Barclays) talks to Amos Chanda (Zambia)

Titikssha Shah (Oxford Business College) talks to Mohammed Al-Kaabi (Qatar)

Aurelie Phommarack (University of Central Lancaster) talks to Munkhjin Batsumber (Mongolia)

"Great job, congratulations!!!"
Spanish Embassy Education Office (Mongolia)

Margaret Freymann (Manchester Metropolitan University) networks with Marthe Tsogo (Cameroon)

Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart welcomes delegates to the conference

"Great Initiative!"
High Commission for Grenada

Professor Michael Worton, Vice Provost (international) of UCL makes his opening remarks

Nicola Dandridge (Universities UK)

"Unique event to get a broad overview of what is on offer form the UK educational system"
Embassy of Italy

Dr John Law (British Council)

Dr John Law (British Council)

Lee Bartlett (UKBA)

"A very useful opportunity to meet with key embassy contacts and to share information"
University of Kent

Dominic Scott (UKCISA)

Dr Juliana Bertazzo (Brazil) makes a comment on Brazil’s Science Without Borders programme

"An excellent way to learn in depth about how (some) aspects of the education system work in UK"
Exclusive English

Hayley Snoding (Kent University) in discussion with Shelagh Whittlston (Australia)

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