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Diplomatic Induction Seminar Links
Premium Partners

Induction Seminar – October 2011

Bill Falora (BMW) meets Doug Proudfoot and Debra Martens (both Canada)

Bongiwe Qwbe (South Africa) and Noeleen Alexopoulou (IDS) and Patrick Doyle (IDS)

"This event offers a unique opportunity to meet many new diplomats in the early days of their posting, often the start of a long friendship"
International Diplomatic Supplies

Ricky Downs (Clements International) and Embassy Events Director Kerry Low

Perlita Tabisaura (Philippines), Feliciano Tabisaura (Philippines), Sam Adelemi (Nigeria) and Ian Grover (Volvo)

"An excellent opportunity to market your business over a short time"
Helen Gardner, Chacalli De Decker

Embassy Event Administrator Kaye Hales welcomes Ali Al Jahwari (Oman)

Joao da Costa (Southbank International) with Nagalingam Murugayah (Malaysia)

"A wonderfully organised event and a great opportunity to meet new diplomats"
Chesterton Humberts

Cynthia Mulville (Argentina) meets Ed Woolgar (Chesterton Humberts)

Constable Brian Pitkin (DPG) gives a personal safety seminar as part of the Living in London Panel

Sue Ackerman (Rowland Brothers) meets Shannon Eskow (USA)

David Rose (North London International School) and Angela Harwood (Cultural and English Tuition)

"A select group of exhibitors making useful connections to the Diplomatic world"
The North London International School

Reshma Bissoon-Doekie (Trinidad & Tobago), Marlon Choo Ying (Trinidad & Tobago) talk to Rita Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)

"Great networking, informative and interesting"
Rowland Brothers International

Helen Gardner and Paul Gardner (Chacalli De Decker)

Diplomats enjoy a well-deserved lunch

Gina Jefferis and Dr Stephen Hunter (Wimpole Street Orthodontic Practice)

Gary Robinson of the London General Practice

Timothy Joseph (CATS College) talks to Hansel Whippy (Fiji)

John Rees (Vauxhall) meets and Abu Hanafi Kasmat (Brunei) and Junai Ismail (Brunei)

Well organised event with great source of information and networking
The Langham London

Margareta Wrang (Sweden), Claudin Hakim (International School of Surrey in London) and Leena Jaanson (Sweden)

Dan Ritchie (Kingham Hill School) meets Wendy Austin (Trinidad & Tobago)

"Great exposure to new clientelle"
The London General Practice

Paul Hirons and Christopher Goodwin from of Royal Garden Hotel

Karen Barclay from No 11 Cavendish Square meets Sandra Tomlinson (USA) gets to know Mohammad Al-Aqeel (Jordan)

Boleslaw Wozniak (Poland) and Liza Al-Kasadi (Yemen)

"Very enjoyable for all participants, exhibitors and delegates alike"
The Wimpole Street Orthodontic Practice

Karen Counterman of Roomservice by CORT


Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart welcomes diplomats to the Induction Seminar 2011

Diplomatic Induction Seminar
Record numbers of diplomats and their families attended Embassy Events’ Diplomatic Induction Seminar, held at the historic King’s Fund at 11 Cavendish Square. Around 160 new diplomats enjoyed a packed programme which included an introduction to diplomacy from the FCO Protocol Directorate, the Vice Marshal and the Dean of the diplomatic corps. A Living in London panel and expo was also the perfect opportunity for families to meet with reputable diplomatic suppliers. The afternoon session included a briefing from the London Mayor’s Office and an introduction to London’s key diplomatic associations before delegates split up into diplomatic workshops on consular affairs, press and politics, culture and education and trade and economics. The day ended with a networking reception and prize draw, but judging by the number of cards swapped and bags laden with information and goodies, nobody left the event empty handed.


Head of DMIOU at FCO Protocol Barry Nicholas

FCO Director of Protocol and Vice Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Simon Martin

“A very useful and inclusive seminar giving every newcomer a head start”
Embassy of Germany

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps HE Khaled Al Duwaisan GCVO (Kuwait)

Gary Robinson of the London General Practice briefs diplomats on healthcare in the UK

Gareth Morris (Home Office) gives an introduction to the UKBA at the Consular/Home Affairs panel

The Induction Seminar is certainly a unique and useful opportunity setting off a new journey in the career of a new diplomat in London. It is a must for all”
Embassy of Switzerland

Lan Feng, International Relations Manager for the Mayor of London

CEO of the Women in Diplomatic Service Rosalie Rivett

“A great opportunity to understand London diplomatic life and be knowledgeable about government circles in London"
Royal Thai Embassy

Marwan Francis (Lebanon), President of the YDL

Diplomats are introduced to London’s diplomatic networks

Prof Roberto Amendolia (Italy), London Diplomatic Science Club

The Mayor’s Head of Culture Justine Simons addresses the Culture/Education workshop

“Having only just missed the seminar last year (I’ve been posted since November 2010) I acquired useful knowledge from the specialized working groups and the living in London sessions"
Malta High Commission

Ugnius Labutis (Lithuania) meets Uwe Koppel (Germany)

Natthapol Na Songkhla accepts a prize for Kittipod Hongsombud (Thailand) from Karen Counterman of Roomservice by CORT

Kimbala Lothy Meleka (Zambia) wins a prize from Ian Grover (Volvo)

‘Very well organized event, if you have just arrived in London , it is one of the most concentrated, informative event on how to survive in a big city – both dealing with your duties and managing practicalities of everyday”
Embassy of Latvia

AERL Chairman Georg Karabaczek (Austria) introduces the Economics/Trade Panel, including Elizabeth Fells (CBI), Philip Worley (UKTI), Ray Ward (HMRC) and Jeremy Fern (City of London) Goodwin

Kinda Khider (Lancaster London) hands over a dinner for two prize to Col Hans Eberhard (Switzerland)

“The Seminar was very well organized and I am pleased to have attended it”
Embassy of the Slovak Republic

Paul Gardner (Chacalli de Decker) presents a prize to Sital Rijal Ghimire (Nepal)

Silvia Malau (Indonesia) wins a spa treatment from Le Kalon Spa at the Bentley Hotel

“Very useful and a comprehensive guide to start your life in London”
Embassy of Romania

Pavel Bobek (Czech Republic) wins a case of mixed wine from Patrick Doyle (IDS)

DPAAL President Niall Wilkins (South Africa) introduces the Politics/Press Panel Baroness Hooper, Foreign Press Association Director Christopher Wyld, Lord Roper and Richard Tauwhare (FCO)

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