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Induction Seminar Links

Tiziano Pedrioli (Switzerland) talks to Edward Dick and Joey Zegerius (both BMW Diplomatic Sales)

The event is a fantastic opportunity to meet our new customers face to face and also network with other likeminded companied who service the Diplomatic corps. As always the day runs like clockwork due to the hard work of Embassy’s Event team. Well done, keep it up!
Chacalli - De Decker Ltd

Embassy Induction Seminar launches family network
The 2014 Induction Seminar broke all attendance records, not least because of the first-ever spouse & partners programme introduced by the Doyenne of the Diplomatic Corps, Mrs Dalal Al Duwaisan. The popular initiative will see the launch of London’s much-needed diplomatic families network (watch this space!).

Newly-arrived diplomats and their families got the perfect start to their posting, with a packed day of networking and specialised workshops where they were introduced to London’s many diplomatic associations and essential contacts useful to their professional and family lives.

Highlights included talks by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, the Diplomatic Protection Group, veteran parliamentarian and former foreign minister Lord Howell and several senior officials from key Whitehall departments.


Kerry Low (Embassy Group) welcomes Barry Tomalin (London Academy of Diplomacy)

An excellent opportunity arranged by Embassy Magazine for businesses to network with potential clients within an informal environment, allowing the prospect of engaging and informing new diplomats on the range of services that are on offer to them.
BMW Group

Paul Gardner (Chacalli De Decker) talks to Maria Cecilia Toro (Venezuela)

A packed room for the Introduction to Diplomacy Session

Sue Ackerman (Rowland Brothers International) swaps details with Fumihiko Sakamoto (Japan)

Victoria Roberts (Clements Worldwide) meets Monica Danalache (Romania)

Time to relax - Heroina Telaku and Mustafe Avdiu (Kosovo)

A very informative day, with excellent opportunities to network. Very well organised and the staff from both the venue and Embassy Magazine were helpful and on hand throughout the day to assist.
Occasional and Permanent Nannies

Shalini Grover (Taj Hotels) meets delegates from South Africa and Argentina

Edmundo Mendizabal (VFS Global) talks to Marija Stjepcevic (Montenegro)

Amy Russell and Lewis Bolton of the Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments

Mustafe Avdiu (Kosovo) finds out what’s on offer at Club Wembley from Chris Crouch

A great way of meeting the New Diplomatic arrivals to the UK. The event gives you the ability to discuss your products with them and answer any concerns or questions they may have straight away. This puts their minds at ease and is very helpful given the amount of knowledge they have to absorb in one day.
Vauxhall Motors Ltd

Diplomatic spouses get to know each other

Melanie Greenwood, Megan Donaghy and John Rees chat to Zhuang Yan (China)

Ilham Mohamed, Troy Coldrick and Nada Tarhami of HCA International

The Ambassador of Laos meets Mary Langford and Karen Strickland of Dwight School London

Panellists Ellie Buchdahl and Roisin McLoughlin (Education UK), Andy Frampton (UCAS), Barry Tomalin (London Academy of Diplomacy) and Monica di Natale (TECLA) at the education Living in London workshop

An excellent networking opportunity meeting diplomats and other professionals in the sector. Superbly organised, excellent location and facilities.
International School of London

Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover) and Abdullah Al-Wenayyan (Kuwait)

Andile Makubalo (South Africa) and Marieta Vasileva (Cheval Residences)

Tom Legones (USA) with Maria Giovanna D’Amato and Mattia Morelli

Pierro Chiricozzi and Anais Rollad of Frasers Hospitality with Sayem Ahmed (Bangladesh)

It was an extremely valuable day, and very well organised from the exhibitors perspective.
ACS International Schools

Sharlotte Nicholson, James Salisbury and Andrew Bennett (IDS) meet Vera Kwei (Ghana)

Anibal Gomez (Mexico) and Diego Abad Cash (Argentina) unwind with a glass of wine

Etiksha Patel (Metrobank), Margaret Thornton (Morgan Cameron) and Daniel Platt (Clements Worldwide) at the Personal Finance workshop

Alexandra Gubbins (Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah) meets Denys Buhera (Ukraine)

Luke Nicholson (Improve Your Accent) chats to Tedwin Herbert (Trinidad & Tobago)

Having the opportunity to network with a variety of diplomats in person has helped me to approach diplomats a lot easier now and build on their trust a lot quicker. Thank you!
Cheval Residences

Katie Vinson (Chestertons) meets Cynthia Casburn (Australia)

Olena Navas (Cuba) and husband Roberto De La Pena meet Elena Firson (Millennium & Copthorne Hotels)

Agnes Fenyvesy (Hungary, Embassy Spouse Programme), Elizabeth Stewart (Embassy Group) with Barry Tomalin (London Academy of Diplomacy)

Healthcare panellists Troy Coldrick, Ilham Mohammed (HCA), Sheila Reid (Embassy Group), Dr Ahmed Naji (Kings Dental Clinic) and Aziz Pandor (Victoria Medical Centre)

I personally felt it was good, as it was my first time I have no elements of comparison but what I saw and experienced was good and everyone was really nice and helpful.
Tecla Languages

Souliya Chanavath (Laos) finds out about ACS International Schools from Caroline Breeds

Gareth Halstead from the host venue No 11 Cavendish Square meets Maria Cecilia Vieira (Brazil)

Inga Sergeiceva (Latvia) meets Dr Ahmed Naji (Kings Dental Clinic)

Mark Greenwell (USA) meets Alexis Lautenschlager and Mylene McCullogh of Southbank International School

Nicole Wakefield (Heathrow VIP) in discussion with Sandra Houben (Netherlands)

Excellent networking event for exhibitors, in a well organised but relaxed atmosphere.
Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living

Laura Nightingale (InterContinental Hotels) meets Ilona Kenkadze (Georgia)

Grant Chapman (Alan Day VW) talks to Syann Thompson (The Bahamas)

Phil Oakley (Gersons Relocation) gives a talk on relocating to London

Raquel Barker (London Academy of Diplomacy) meets Wojciech Burkiewicz (Poland)

We have said this before, Embassy Networking for Diplomats does what it says on the tin.
Rowland Brothers International

A diplomat relaxes in the Taj chillout zone

Kerry Phipps introduces the International School of London to Nazar Mohammed, Asseel Al-Bayati and Sura Al-Bayaa (all Iraq)

Jodi Warren (The American School in London) talks to Eric Fournier and France Moisan (both Canada)

Kimberly Duryea (USA) in conversation with Marija Vanaga and Daniel Quicke of MyLondonHome

The Embassy Managers Meeting with Inspector Darren Currey (DPG), Neil Collyer (FCO Protocol), James Hopkins (FCO Protocol), Ceri Durke (DVLA) and Lisa Walkden (POLAR)

Good way of getting Brand awareness and networking with other groups of exhibitors
Jaguar Land Rover

Martin Bryan and Robert Lang of Marshall Volvo Bishops Stortford

Natthapol Na Songkhla (YDL), Oksana Kyzyma (DPAAL) and Sioned Hughes (Cultural Attaché Network) at the Diplomatic Associations Desk

Angela Hovey and Tonya Illing (Nannyworld) chat to Mary Mitchell (TASIS)

Economic/Trade Panel: Jeremy Fern (City of London), Edward Barker (BIS), Nicholas Niggli (Swiss Embassy, Chairman AERL), David Riches (British Chambers of Commerce)

Insightful relationships established, which I hope to build on for Diplomatic hotel business. Athenaeum Hotel

Phil Oakley and Chris Mackley (Gersons) offer advice to Maha Naouech (Tunisia)

Consular panel: Duncan Prime (Ministry of Justice), Sue Ackerman (Rowland Brothers), Christiaan Sys (Belgium/CCL), Inspector Darren Currey (DPG) and Jeremy Oppenheim (Home Office)

Laraine Tresser and Lesley Nash of Gemmaway meet Nikolaos Petropoulos (Greece)

Agnes Fenyvesy (Hungary) leads discussions in the Diplomatic Neighbours session

Political panel: Lord Howell, former UK Ambassador to Brazil Alan Charlton (Gatehouse), Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart, Andy Stephenson (FCO) and Rick Nimmo (Inter-Parliamentary Union)

The whole event is worked on brilliantly and the organisation is second to none
Niche Etiquette Children

James Fenn (Embassy Group) meets Mouingkhoun Chansavath (Laos)

Nancy Dickinson (FOCUS), Monica Di Natale (TECLA), Geraldine McKendrick (FOCUS/DSFA) and Valeria Fleury (FOCUS)

Culture/Education panellists Kim Hart (BAFA), Sioned Hughes (Cultural Attaché Group), Vivienne Stern (UK HE IU), and Katie Childs (National Museums Directors Council)

Relaxed, well organised.
Gerson Relocation

Simona Feruliovaite (Taj Hotels) chats to Susanne Rosenberg (Sweden)

Lord Howell addresses the political session

A great opportunity to meet other colleagues from the Embassies and people form the British Government and Parliament. Also, a great opportunity to learn about special procedures needed in order to settle in and enjoy London.
Embassy of Montenegro

Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart makes her opening remarks

Mardani Mohammed (Brunei) networks with Erwin Wendland (Germany)

Silvia Petrova De Boer (IMO) registers with Kaye Hales (Embassy Group)

Laura Thompson of the International Community School catches up with Jacqueline Sole (Exclusive English)

Very Informing and well organized networking events – breaking barriers of culture in the diplomatic section.
Ghana High Commission

Deputy Director of DMIOU at FCO Protocol Neil Collyer outlines diplomatic privileges and immunities

The Doyenne of the Diplomatic Corps Mrs Dalal Al Duwaisan launches the Spouse Programme

The Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Mr Alistair Harrison gives an overview of the role of the Marshal

The Ambassador of Kuwait gives the Dean’s Guide to Diplomacy

A good way to network with suppliers, other missions and UK agencies.
Australian High Commission

Daniel Lewis (DVLA) explains how to obtain a diplomatic registration to Diego Abad Cash (Argentina)

Waddah Salih (Global for Education & Training) meets Carlos Almirante (Philippines)

DPAAL Vice President Oksana Kyzyma (Ukraine) introduces diplomats to the press attaché club

An excellent, well organized event that was fun as well as being extremely informative.
US Embassy

PC Brian Pitkin delivers the DPG personal safety seminar to the spouses

EUNIC President Tereza Porybna (Czech Republic) introduces diplomats to Europe’s culture club

Shereen Capper (New Zealand) introduces the Foreign Agricultural Club

A great introduction and overview of diplomatic life in London
Embassy of Belgium – Flanders House

Roberto Di Lauro (Italy) of the London Diplomatic Science Club

YDL President Natthapol Na Songkhla (Thailand)

Nancy Dickinson (FOCUS), Matthew Maginn (CFAB) and Zehan Albakri (PAWA) introduce spouses to networks in London

It was a great day for me with great ideas and great people.
Embassy of Georgia

Lauren Preteceille of Transport for London

Vivienne Stern of the UK Higher Education International Unit

FPA President Christopher Wyld talks to the press attaché group

The induction seminar helps to new arrived diplomats to have a soft landing to the UK. It is an extraordinary tool.
Embassy of Mexico

Sheila Reid (Embassy Group) at the Diplomatic Neighbours session

The youngest member of the Embassy Network catches up on some sleep

Niamh Tuft (British Council) on International Showcases

Gizachew Bogale (Ethiopia) bags a ticket to the England Slovenia game thanks to Chris Crouch of Club Wembley

It was a very useful event that enabled me to meet the diplomats of other missions and join some of the networking
Embassy of Mongolia

Lavenia Rokovucago (Fiji) receives a bottle of bubbly from Paul Gardner of Chacalli De Decker on behalf of Elenoa Fotu (Fiji)

The Ambassador of Laos HE Mr Mr Sayakane Sisouvong wins a BMW of his choice for the weekend from Nicholas Rapallini (BMW Diplomatic Sales)

Champagne and chocolates from Sue Ackerman (Rowland Brothers International) to Ma MingGeng (China)

Uyanga Dorjsuren (Mongolia) wins a luxury stay at the Grosvenor House Apartments from Adele Taylor (Jumeirah)

A well organized event and very useful for new arrivals in the country.
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Zhenxing Li (China) wins a prize from Barry Tomalin (London Academy of Diplomacy)

Ausra Siauciuliene wins a magnum of Rioja from and Edmundo Mendizabal (VFS)

Luke Nicholson presents a prize to Akalalambili Kaluwe (Zambia)

It was very helpful for new diplomats.
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq

Maha Naouech (Tunisia) wins afternoon tea for two from the Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Khadija Mouhajer (HCA) presents a Molton Brown gift box to Anibal Gomez (Mexico)

Irena Skardziuviene wins afternoon tea for two at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel from Laura Aloisio

Kimberly Duryea (USA) wins a Land Rover Experience from Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover)

A good forum to meet interesting people and exchange ideas.

Acacio Chacate (Mozambique) wins a prize from Francisco Villaneuva (The Bentley)

Lavenia Rokovucago (Fiji) wins a treatment from Dr Haider Razban (Kings Dental Clinic)

Yesenia Contreras (Mexico) wins a stay at the Copthorne Tara Hotel

I was useful and entertaining
Embassy of the Argentine Republic

Sara Sed-Ochir (Mongolia) wins Lason champagne and glasses from James Salisbury (IDS)

Maria Anguelieva-Koleva wins a membership of the National Trust courtesy of Phil Oakley (Gerson Relocation)

Valdaz Siauciulis (Lithuania) wins two nights at a Chevel Residence from  Georgeta Dorobantu and Marieta Vasileva

Great Opportunity
Embassy of Spain

Lawrence Trim wins a Bath Christmas Markets tour from Gemmaway Travel

Yang Jin wins a lunch at the Royal Garden Hotel from Christopher Goodwin

Useful, Instructive
Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

Maria Burkiewicz (Poland) wins a dinner for two from Patricia Finn (Raddison Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt)

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