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Politics & press news – Embassy 65

Foreign Affairs MPs split over BREXIT

MPs in the Foreign Affairs Committee were unable to agree on the UK’s role in the world after the Referendum, with five members declaring Britain’s role would be enhanced if it exited the EU and five members judging that the UK’s influence and security was better served within the EU.

MPs examined the short and long-term consequences of leaving and remaining in the EU. This included an analysis of the EU’s role as an international actor, particularly its common foreign and defence policy and how much influence the UK had within this structure to pursue a foreign policy that is in its own national interest with like-minded nations.

The report examined the challenges and opportunities for Britain following a BREXIT vote, over the short and long term, as well as an analysis of the risks and the rewards should the UK vote to remain.

Commenting on the report, FAC Chairman Crispin Blunt said: “The referendum offers the British people a once-in-a-generation opportunity to chart a course for the UK’s role in the world. Voters should consider not only the short-term consequences of staying or leaving but the long-term opportunities and challenges.”

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