A Defender for diplomats

Land Rover has partnered with TRASCO to make the new Defender even safer for diplomats

Since its launch, the Land Rover Defender has acquired iconic status among diplomats with a sense of adventure.

With its tough pedigree dating back more than 75 years, the latest Defender can handle all terrains – with a sturdy yet sleek design, it is adapted to both the streets of Belgravia and the muddy country lanes of Britain, or the unforgiving snow, deserts and mountains of far-flung postings.

But a diplomat straying off the beaten track in unfamiliar territory – or with a VIP delegation in transit from the airport – can always do with some added protection.

So Land Rover has paired up with TRASCO, a leading vehicle armour manufacturer, to create a lightweight solution that’s perfect for diplomats. Its A-Kip® (anti-kidnap) armour is different to the heavy-duty armour that often makes a vehicle difficult to drive and can be spotted easily, attracting unwanted attention. Rather, it’s like a ballistic vest for your Defender – offering occupants discreet protection that doesn’t weigh you down.


Levels of Protection
Anti-kidnap armour comes in two levels – A-Kip® Level 4 and 6, and is designed to protect against typical criminal attacks from hand guns to assault rifles. Both Level 4 and 6 are available for the Defender 110.

For embassies requiring more seating capacity (for VIP delegations, say), the Defender 130 is available in Trasco A-Kip® Level 4. This model can accommodate up to eight passengers.

If you, or your embassy, require additional capacity and a higher level of protection, the Defender 130 is available in Trasco A-Kip® Level 6 and offers seating for up to five people.

Road, Reliability and Robustness Testing
As an exclusive ‘Accredited Converter’, Trasco’s engineers have worked closely with Land Rover with exhaustive testing to ensure the protection system is robust, durable and reliable.

Nick Collins, Executive Director of Vehicle Programmes at Land Rover says the partnership with TRASCO has taken the safety features of the Defender to the next level: “The new A-KIP® lightweight protection solution from TRASCO turns our award-winning all-terrain vehicle into a highly capable and discreet refuge for its occupants, providing enhanced security and protection.” 

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