About the diplomatic market

  • Lucrative – Every year London’s diplomatic missions spend £459m* on goods and services in the UK, both as individuals and as part of the mission’s official expenditure.
  • Niche – London has one of the largest bilateral diplomatic community in the world, numbering some 22,500** diplomats and their families. They represent more than 160 countries and their diplomatic status makes them different to any other market.
  • Elite – Our subscribers belong to the ABC1 consumer group and are drawn from the political and professional elite in their countries. Around half of the heads of mission in London are hand-picked by their heads of state and are personally wealthy.
  • Privileged – Our subscribers frequently enjoy generous living allowances for themselves and their families as well as tax-free privileges. Many have to fulfil representational duties.
  • Recession-proof – No matter what the economic climate, there is always room in an embassy budget for services and products.
  • Ever-changing – Every year, around one-third of the corps changes, meaning there is always a new market to promote your goods and services to. But it also means service providers cannot afford to be complacent!
  • Targeted – a virtual network of more than 2500 individual diplomatic subscribers (and growing) log on to the website and receive a personalised monthly news alerts directly in their inbox. These are also forwarded within embassy intranets to locally employed staff and family members.
  • Global – diplomats posted in more than 50 countries have requested to remain on our circulation list, making our network global. Our digital format is ideal for diplomats, who receive and distribute information instantaneously, making our readership wider than our official subscriber database. In a few easy clicks, relevant intelligence can be forwarded to diplomaticmnetworks and foreign ministries across the globe – without weighing down the diplomatic bag.

* ONS Pink book, 2019, ** FCO, 2019