Are British MPs better or worse than other MPs? Is the European Parliament fit for purpose?

Better – 57%
Worse – 29%
Same – 14%

Yes – 64%
No – 36%

British MPs are better than other parliamentarians around the world, according to poll of diplomats by


Despite the ongoing expenses scandal, over half of the respondents (57%) said the reputation of British MPs compared favourably to parliamentarians they had encountered in postings, while 29% said they were worse, and 14% said UK MPs were on a par with lawmakers around the world.

Many diplomats felt that hard-working MPs had been unfairly tainted, with one diplomat suggesting that a bonus system should be introduced in which good behaviour was recognised and rewarded.

As polling stations closed across Europe, diplomats in London also gave the European parliament their seal of approval, with just under two-thirds (64%) saying the institution was fit for purpose. Interestingly, over two thirds (67%) of those who thought the parliament was not performing well were EU diplomats.

One criticism of the EU Parliament was that it is too expensive and that the Strasbourg parliament should close and that translations should be limited to cut costs.