Argentina | Tango Lessons

Dancing diplomats gather for a family photo

Leandro and Maria with Linette de Jager and Ambassador Sersale

Maria and Leandro in a passionate –
and spectacular – show dances

Austrian Ambassador Martin Eichtinger and his wife Kathrin

Argentine Ambassador Carlos Sersale and Linette de Jager

Dancing diplomats put all they have learned together in a showpiece sequence

Chilean Ambassador Rolando Drago and his wife Edith

It may look like an air guitar competition but actually it’s ambassadors learning the finer points of Argentine = Tango

The ladies get their turn to Tango under the guidance of Maria Tsiatsiani

Slovak Ambassador Lubomir Rehak and his wife Dana give a final flourish

Uruguayan Ambassador Mr Fernando López and his wife Maria

Head Pug Mylene dressed for dancing