Azerbaijan | Silver Jubilee

Ambassador Tahir Taghizadeh gives his Independence Day address

Mrs Ulviyya Taghizadeh with friends from the Diplomatic Spouse Club of London

Russian Ambassador Mr Alexander Yakovenko in discussion with Ambassador Taghizadeh

Ambassador Taghizadeh welcomes the Latvian Ambassador Mr Andris Teikmanis

The Ambassador of Kuwait and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps congratulates Ambassador Taghizadeh

The new chair of the Azerbaijan-British Parliamentary Friendship Group Javanshir Feyziyev spoke of strong parliamentary ties between the two countries

Michael Tatham, FCO Director of Eastern Europe and Central Asia Department

Traditional treats from Azerbaijan

The Ambassador of Bosnia Herzegovina Mr Branko Neskovic, the Ambassador of Croatia Dr Ivan Grdesic and the new Ambassador of Montenegro Mr Borislav Banovic

The High Commissioner for Pakistan Mr Syed Ibne Abbas and
the Ambassador of Uzbekistan Mr Alisher Kurmanov

Georgian Ambassador Mrs Tamar Beruchashvili and the Ambassador of Belarus Mr Sergei Aleinik

Ulviyya Taghizadeh, Ambassador Taghizadeh and the Ambassador of Turkmenistan Mr Yazmurad N Seryaev

Ambassador Taghizadeh welcomes the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Mr Alistair Harrison