Bolivia first Embassy World Cup champs

Bolivia trounced fierce rivals Germany 2-1 in a hotly-contested final of the first-ever Embassy World Cup football tournament.

Held under floodlit skies in Battersea Park, the game drew a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters and the mini stands were filled with the German and Bolivian flags.

Bolivia struck first, 10 minutes into the first half, and the Germans had to defend a wave of attacks from their opponents until half time.

The tie looked all but over after Bolivia scored a second goal, deflected off a German defender, seven minutes before the final whistle.

But the Germans never gave up, getting the ball in the back of the net two minutes later. The final five minutes were a nail-biting affair as the Germans put on major pressure.

But Bolivia held out to become well-deserved champions and delighted manager Francois Paz lifted the trophy.