Calling all interns!

We are Cécile Grillet from the French Embassy and Annika Kreil from the German Embassy. We want to let you know about a new initiative for interns in London: The Embassy Intern Club.

The club will offer a chance to get to know interns at other missions and exchange our experiences in a truly multinational community to enrich our stay in London.

Annika Kreil’s initiative to create a community of embassy interns received amazing feedback. The first meeting of European interns was a great success and we are looking forward to organize more events and extend the circle to other continents.

So if you have interns, please ask them to contact Cécile or Annika if they are interested and they will be invited to our next get-together.
In the hope to expand our community, we send you the best wishes,
Cécile Grillet and Annika Kreil

Email Cecile at or Annika at