Chinese Astrological Calendar, 2017

According to the Chinese Astrological Calendar, 2017 marks the Year of the Fire Rooster. The Chinese sages say this means a “new awakening” and the political scene will be dominated by supremely confident personalities who “own the day”.

Interestingly, this is also a year for hard-working early risers – perhaps that would account for President Trump’s 3am Tweets (or should that be crowing?)

What will a Fire Rooster year mean for world politics? And who will be crowing in elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Iran? Not to be alarmist but previous Rooster years have seen the rise of dangerous, charismatic leaders, notably Hitler (1933) and Gaddafi (1969). The good news is that Rooster years are generally characterised by sabre-rattling rather than conflict.

It’s a tricky year for Brexit negotiations as they are likely to begin with a lot of posturing. So this year diplomats may have to take a back seat as the roosters crow and strut their stuff on the world stage. (If it’s any comfort for Brits, a previous Fire Rooster year, 1957, is considered by sociologists as the happiest of the 20th century for Britain.)

Rooster years are associated with bold schemes (such as the moon landings in 1969), and sometimes ill-thought through projects which get everyone into a flap. The question is: will the chickens come home to roost?