Consular Corps | General Meeting

President Senen Mangalile (Philippines) and Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover)

The new Consular Corps Committee for 2018: President Senen Mangalile (Philippines), Karin Wallace (USA), Vesna Verčon-Ivić (Serbia), Tomislav Vlahutin (Croatia) and Jorge Moreno Fierro (Ecuador)

Berhuz Emomov (Tajikistan) wins a bottle of bubbly courtesy of Chacalli De Decker, presented by Joana Gaspar and CCL Permanent Secretary Minos Papanikolaou

Colleagues from VFS

Colleagues from the Bulgarian consulate

Outgoing CCL President Joana Gaspar (third left) with her team at the Portuguese consulate

Marcelo Bachechi Pavone (Uruguay) and Sonja Cirrotti (Germany)

Sue Ackerman (Rowland Brothers International) does a prize draw with Joana Gaspar (Portugal)

Santa can we have this for Christmas? Mr Ricardo Carioni Morales (Nicaragua), Mrs Vesna Verčon-Ivić (Serbia) and Vicencia Brito (Angola) in the driving seat

Mr Ricardo Carioni Morales (Nicaragua) wins an Angolan carving from outgoing CCL committee member Vicencia Brito (Angola)

President Emeritus Bernard Silver with his wife Katia

Members of the Turkish consulate hit the dance floor