Does The Monarchy serve a purpose in modern Britain?

Perhaps it’s just the Royal Wedding hype, but London’s diplomats overwhelmingly approve of the British Monarchy, according to a recent poll.

A whopping 93 per cent of respondents in a survey conducted by

magazine felt the Monarchy served a purpose in modern Britain – compared to just 78 per cent of Britons.

The response may be slightly skewed in favour of the Monarchy because, as one diplomat pointed out, an envoy accredited to the Court of St James’s would be less likely to disclose an anti-Royalist view.

That said, the results are strongly in favour of the Royals. Diplomats offered many reasons for backing the Monarchy. Many said it was good for tourism: “The Royals are the best ‘free’ advertisement for tourists to visit the UK. The fascination for the Royal Wedding seems to be stronger throughout the world than in the UK itself!” commented one diplomat. Indeed Visit Britain recently calculated that Royal sites in the UK generated £500m in tourism revenue.

One diplomat mentioned the number of tabloids sold off the back of the Royals. “And think of all the money spent on those little gadgets of William and Kate!” joked one respondent.

On a more serious note, diplomats said the Monarchy was good for stability, unity and national pride. “The British form of a ‘limited monarchy’ is good for the country and its people,” replied one Ambassador.

Envoys from realm countries felt that having The Queen, untainted by local politics, as their head of state was an asset, as one High Commissioner commented: “The Queen is a figure of unity in our country.”

The Monarchy is also a good interlocutor with other monarchies, said one diplomat.Another embassy worker thought the Monarchy made for the best State occasions: “Nobody hosts State Visits quite like Britain!”

Finally, there is the feel-good factor to consider, as one diplomat concluded: “At least the Royals make things less grim!”