DPG urge vigilance after terror attacks

The French Embassy stands up for free speech

The Diplomatic Protection Group advised diplomatic missions to “remain vigilant” in the wake of the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris and a free speech seminar in Copenhagen, at which the French Ambassador to Denmark was speaking.

During the assault in the Danish capital Ambassador François Zimeray was able to tweet to followers: “Still alive in the room” – a chilling example of new threats facing diplomats.

At a recent personal safety seminar co-hosted by the Women in Diplomatic Service and the DPG, female heads of mission were warned that ‘lone wolf’ attacks on high-profile targets were becoming more common.

While threat levels against diplomats in London had not increased, the DPG advised embassy security officers to monitor the DPG’s Secure Bulletin Board for new developments. Security updates will also be texted to embassy contacts.

The spokesman reminded embassies of the importance of keeping their contact details with the police up-to-date and to notify any changes to their Security Liaison Unit (SLU) officers or Liaison Inspector.