Duty officer training

The Hungarian Embassy hosted Duty Calls, a consular Workshop for colleagues from a variety of embassies and high commissions in London. The topic was perhaps one of the most sensitive of consular matters, the death of a citizen away from home, and how local protocols affect the family and their funeral plans.

The event was introduced by Ms Andrea Norman-Walker, First Counsellor at the Hungarian Embassy, and Rowland Brothers International assembled a team of speakers who shared their expertise in coronial matters, hospital administration, wills probate and estates, travel emergencies and assistance.

Six scenarios were explored which occur regularly to identify the procedures which apply in those situations.

The aim was for delegates to leave with a better understanding of local procedures, and to have an opportunity to discuss situations which they have encountered in the past. Feedback was good, and the opportunity to network with fellow consuls is always valuable.

If members of your Mission are interested in a future Duty Calls Workshop, please email sue@rowlandbrothersinternational.com

Andrea Norman Walker of the Hungarian Embassy welcomes colleagues to the Rowland Brothers International Duty Officer Training Course