Embassy | Education Conference 2016

“The Education Conference was very illuminating with regard to the opportunities and oncerns of stakeholders. It is a must attend event.”
High Commission of Nigeria

Peter Short of Blackburn College in discussion with the High Commissioner for Uganda Prof Joyce Kikafunda

Claire Axel Berg and Robin Halley of Bristol University meet Jauyah Tuah (Brunei)

Dr Nora Bawazeer (Saudi Arabia) swaps contacts with Basma Hakim and Craig Smitherman of the University of East Anglia

“The Embassy Education Conference was a meeting of diplomats and representatives of more than 100 countries with decision makers from the education and science sector as well as university and education centre representatives. All in all the conference was insightful and useful”
Embassy of Argentina

After an intense day, delegates unwind at the networking reception

Jokotamu Fotu (Fiji) meets Emma Bogantseva and Katerina Kanlis of the University of Essex

Aurelio Matavele (Mozambique) meets James McNaughton (Essex University)

“A place where Embassies meet with Universities. An opportunity to continue broadening the education and research relations with the UK”
Embassy of Ecuador

Natallia Patsaluyonak and Catherine Kelsey of Gabbitas Education

Van Thanh Vo (Vietnam) finds out more about Glasgow Calendonian University from Josh Roberts

Pamela Armstrong (University of Glasgow) chats to Jonathan Bonfield (Singapore)

“The event provides a fantastic platform for us in the HE sector to engage with several decision makers from the embassies in one space, share good practice with colleagues and network with relevant stakeholders in our industry”
University of Central Lancashire (Uclan)

Mario Buttigieg (Malta) networking with Paloma Bernar of Kaplan International Colleges

Dorina Orzac (Romania) meets Maxwell Howells of Kent University

Jason Cooke and Jessica Moule of King’s College London meet Sizhen Peng (China)

“An excellent opportunity to meet education attachés from many different countries and discuss our mutual interests and commitment to international students”
University of Essex

Taufik Ahmad (Malaysia) touches base with Shemsah Farooq and Tanya Luff of Manchester University

Annabelle Llanes (PTE Academic) meets Jessica Davidson of the University of Nottingham

Lisa Collett meets Sebastien Cadinot of the University Pathway Alliance

“The event was very well organized and informative with plenty of chances to network”
Embassy of Latvia

Mohamed El Ansari (UAE) speaks to Joanna Scaplehorn (University of South Wales)

Sandy Bhangal (ETS TOEFL) meets Lucy Thomas (University of Surrey)

Atageldi Annayev (Turkmenistan) networks with Jonathan Frank and Bala Guliyev of Trinity College London

“A very well organised day with useful sessions and a great opportunity to meet Embassy contacts”
University of Reading

Mala Rambaccus and the High Commissioner for Mauritius in discussions with Angeline Malaba Ward of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Nasser Tamei (Papua New Guinea) meets Kate Carroll of University Foundation Programme

Jeni Myftari (Oman) meets Norman MacMillan of the University of West Scotland

A must to attend!

Embassy of Mauritania

A packed lecture hall for the Embassy Education Conference Plenary

Defence attachés and political counselors listen to Prof Ben Kienzle of KCL outline the defence and security implications of BREXIT

Nicki Horseman of Times Higher Education explains the methodology that goes behind global university rankings

“As always this is an excellent event which provides unparalleled networking opportunities”
University of South Wales

UKCISA Chief Executive Dominic Scott and panelists Gretta Gavin of KCL and Angela Cleary (Royal Thai Embassy) in the student welfare session

Panellists Dr Anthony Manning (University Pathway Alliance), Paul Kelly (Gabbitas Education) and Christopher Veysey (King’s College London) listen to a presentation by Maysara Arabeed of NARIC

Fiona Crozier (Quality Assurance Agency), Sean O’Connor (UK HE International Unit) and Lisa Collett of NARIC talk about mobility and quality assurance in trans-national education

“A great opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss academic life in the UK”
Embassy of Thailand

Prof Mischa Dohler of King’s College London welcomes delegates to the Middle East Discussion Group

Nicola Field of King’s College London leads discussion in the Anglophone group

The Latin America discussion group gets underway

Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart with Bala Guliyev (Trinity College), the lucky winner of a Kindle courtesy of Tony Egan at DTS

Ward Lincoln (Instill Education/Basil Paterson) talks to Moustapha Echahbouni (Belgium)

“A valuable event which offers networking opportunities and insights into the current higher education landscape”
University of Kent

Top marks for Embassy Education Conference

This year’s Embassy Education Conference attracted a record turnout as diplomats networked with top UK universities to discuss the topic on everyone’s lips: what impact would BREXIT have on higher education and research in the UK.

Delegates heard from Paul Blomfield MP, who recently founded the All Party Group for International Students and Universities UK CEO Nicola Dandridge, both of whom called on Government to ensure mobility and funding for EU students and researchers while at the same time creating an immigration policy that was much more welcoming to the brightest and best from all over the world – a plea that was later communicated to the Home Office in the student visa surgery with the Home Office.

A variety of sessions explored similar themes from Britain’s defence and security relations post-BREXIT, to the impact of the vote on UK science and research, with Lord Selborne, Chair of the Lords Science and Technology Committee and The Royal Society Foreign Secretary Prof Sir Martyn Poliakoff.

Other workshops explored trans-national education and student mobility, scholarships and capacity building, global university rankings, student welfare and the various routes to UK Higher Education.

At regional discussion groups diplomats could look at opportunities and challenges for their countries, after which everyone relaxed at a summer networking reception.


“One stop shop for information, and answer to many queries you may have”
Bangladesh High Commission

Tony Binns (Mill Hill School Foundation) in discussion with Altair Akhmetov (Kazakstan)

Zita Wilks (Gabon) meets Janice Grant of Abertay University

Alexandra Wolfelsperger-Essig chats to Michael Bissell (Birmingham University)

“Excellent meeting for networking and to better understand, through embassies, the needs from students coming from abroad”
Keele University

Patricia Comandari (El Salvador) in discussion with John Phillips of INTO

The Ambassador of Guatemala Mr Acisclo Valladares Molina and Hannah Lines of the Chevening Secretariat

Dr Hassan Al Alak (Iraq) and Elmaze Pireva (Kosovo) visit Sophie Garnier at the EF Languages stand

“An inspiring opportunity to meet delegates from over 100 missions and introduce them to our boarding school provision. Very well looked after by Kerry and her team; they responded sensitively to the very warm weather conditions and created plenty of space with ample supply of chilled water”
Mill Hill School

Ricardo Carioni (Nicaragua) finds out more about The LondonSchool Group

Kerry Low (Embassy Group) welcomes a delegate to the conference

Angela Cleary (Thailand) chats to Jon Crocker of Newbury Hall

“We found it to be a very well organised event which delivered really good networking opportunities”
Diplomatic Transhipment Services (DTS) Limited

Lt Col Rui Nelson Goncalves (Angola) talks to Neil Upton of Oxford International Education Group

Claire Ballard (Reading) swaps details with Kao Samnang (Cambodia)

Humphrey Ngala Ndi (Cameroon) finds out more about SOAS from David Taylor-Tumility

“Well organized event – a great opportunity to network with embassy staff involved in placement of International students”
University of East Anglia

Paul Blomfield MP addresses the conference

Plenty of views in the Asia Discussion Group

Nicola Dandridge, CEO of Universities UK explains the perspective of British universities to the fast-changing political situation

“In all an extremely useful interaction”
High Commission of India

Director of External Affairs at King’s College London Maxine Taylor welcomes delegates to the conference

Debating the impact of BREXIT on UK Higher Education

Dr John Kirkland briefs education attachés about Chevening and Commonwealth Scholarships

“Right information at the right time. Well organised event”
Embassy of Togo

Diplomats and university representatives are briefed by Kavita Patel and Bharat Pamnani of the Home Office on the latest student visa rules and policy changes in the pipeline

David Hibler of the British Council gives an overview of British Council managed scholarships and capacity building programmes

Margaret Lesuuda (Kenya) gives ACP education attachés an overview of the Commonwealth Education Policy Framework

“Useful insights into UK Higher Education”
Dwight School London

Dr Ben Kienzle opens up the floor for discussion in the Europe group

The Ambassador of Chile and his daughter Constanza

LDSC President Aniko Dobi Rozsa chairs a fascinating session with Prof Sir Martyn Poliakoff (Royal Society) and Lord Selborne, Chair of the Lords Science & Technology Committee on the impact of BREXIT and the new Education Bill on UK science and research

“Useful and enjoyable”
Embassy of the Republic of Yemen

Nadia Kerecuk and Eduardo Sfoglia of Brazil check out the day’s agenda

Cheryl James (KCL) offers Salome Fischer (Switzerland) and Claire Mouchot (France) a well deserved drink