Embassy Protocol Club

An exclusive membership for protocol staff and a select number of hotels, venues and event suppliers in London.

What is it?
It is a diplomatic network for officers at diplomatic missions responsible for the delivery of their mission’s events programme, including VIP visits, inward delegations and receptions.

Membership is open to all officers at London’s diplomatic missions and international organisations involved with event organising and programme planning at the mission, including (but not limited to) protocol, visits and events officers, chiefs of staff and private and social secretaries.  

The Embassy Protocol Club is a forum where protocol officers can meet, network and exchange information as well as gain practical tips from protocol experts in key British institutions when organising a visits and events programme. 

The Embassy Protocol Club is convened by the Embassy Network guided by an Advisory Board representing key regions (Europe, Asia, Latin America etc). The Club meets on a quarterly basis in the early evening. Attendance is usually in a central London venue, enabling private secretaries and protocol officers to combine networking and training with site visits of venues. 

For further information, please contact the relevant person:

Diplomatic Protocol Staff
If you are diplomatic staff wanting to join the membership, please contact:
Embassy Secretary at secretary@embassymagazine.com

Hospitality and VIP Visits Service Providers
If  you are a supplier and interested in finding out more information and the benefits to becoming a member of the Protocol Club, please contact:
Kerry Low at kerry@embassymagazine.com