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Embassy Induction Seminar 2020

Embassy Induction Seminar 2023

Friday 13 Oct 2023
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No 11 Cavendish Square
11 Cavendish Square London, W1G 0AN
  • This event has passed.

An essential introduction to diplomacy and living in London for all newly-arrived diplomats as well as their families

It is free to attend and is run by the Embassy Network, which has been working with the London diplomatic community for more than 20 years. The programme has been developed in close cooperation with the Foreign Office, the Marshal’s Office, London’s diplomatic associations and, of course, in consultation with the diplomats themselves.

Who should attend?

The event is open to diplomats of all ranks and in all fields and is especially useful to those who have been in London for less than a year. You will receive an Introduction to Diplomacy from the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, HM Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps and an overview of your privileges and immunities from the Foreign Office Protocol Directorate.

Diplomatic workshops in a range of specialist fields (please see below) offer you the chance to meet essential government contacts and to network with colleagues from other missions doing the same job. You will also be introduced to London’s many excellent diplomatic associations who arrange a series of talks, seminars and networking events throughout the year.

In addition there are Living in London sessions to help with all the practicalities of moving to a new post and a must-attend personal safety briefing from Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection (the specialist police force assigned to protect the diplomatic community).

Good news: there is also a Programme for Spouses and Partners. The aim of the programme is to help diplomatic families adjust to life in London and to meet new friends in a relaxed and informal setting. They will also meet members of the London Diplomatic Spouse Club who can share tips in life in London.

The day ends with a networking reception and prize draw.

Diplomat Programme

Registration, Networking, Exhibition and Coffee

Introduction To Diplomacy
Introduction, Embassy Group Director
Introduction to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
The Role of the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps
The Dean’s Guide to Diplomacy

Coffee and networking

Diplomatic Associations, Multilateral Diplomacy and Embassy Management
Introduction to Diplomatic Networks
B Multilateral and International Organisations
C Embassy Administration

 Safety and Security Briefing Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Personal Safety Briefing

Networking Lunch

Diplomacy Workshops
B Trade, Economics
C Culture, Science and Education
D Consular & Home Affairs
E Media & Public Diplomacy

Networking wine reception and prize draw

Living in London eForums – Virtual Sessions – (Dates and Times to be confirmed)
1. Protocol
– Privileges & Immunities
2. Finance
– Banking, Tax Reliefs & Insurance
3. Transport
– Diplomatic Registrations & Permits, TfL
4. Healthcare
– NHS, Private Health & Dental
5. Accommodation –
Relocation & Property
6. Schooling
– State System, Private & Curricula
7. Post-18 Education
– University, Short Courses…


Spouse/Partner Programme

Registration, Networking, Exhibition and Coffee

Welcome from the Doyenne of the Diplomatic Corps, the FCDO’s Diplomatic
Service Families Association and the Diplomatic Spouse Club of London

Parallel Workshops
Employment, Volunteering, Professional Development
B Diplomatic Parents’ Hub (childcare, schooling, cultural adjustment)

Coffee & Networking

Safety Briefing
Personal safety briefing for diplomatic spouses and children with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection

Spouse networks
A International Women’s Networks
B Male Spouse Meet-up


Meet your diplomatic neighbours of the DSCL and the DSFA
An introduction to London’s diplomatic neighbourhoods plus tips on exploring Britain followed
by networking with the diplomatic spouse club and the FCDO’s family association

Networking wine reception and prize draw

Living in London eForums – Virtual Sessions – (Dates and Times to be confirmed)
1. Protocol – Privileges & Immunities
2. Finance – Banking, Tax Reliefs & Insurance
3. Transport – Diplomatic Registrations & Permits, TfL
4. Healthcare – NHS, Private Health & Dental
5. Accommodation – Relocation & Property
6. Schooling – State System, Private & Curricula
7. Post-18 Education – University, Short Courses…

Diplomatic Registrations

To reserve your place please email secretary@embassymagazine.com

Supplier Registrations

If you would like further information on sponsoring, exhibiting or attending the event as a delegate please contact Kerry at: kerry@embassymagazine.com


A very well organized and worthwhile event, with all the information needed to smoothly blend in. Good networking opportunity for newcomers.
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The event provided information required for easy transition from our varying cultures of persons in the diplomatic community to the British norm.
Jamaican High Commission

It was very well organised and useful.
Embassy of Egypt

Really a fantastic networking event which newly appointed diplomats can not miss!
Embassy of China

The event was very useful and worthwhile. I was impressed with the amount of practical information, supplier contacts and networking opportunities all under one roof!
Government of the British Virgin Islands, London Office

It was a great day for me with great ideas and great people..
Embassy of Georgia

Good start at the very start of work in London.
Embassy of Ukraine

A great introduction and overview of diplomatic life in London.
Embassy of Belgium
– Flanders House

Well organized, useful information, plenty of networking opportunities.
Embassy of Romania

Very useful and it gives an opportunity to meet with other new diplomats
Embassy of Poland

Very useful and interesting for new diplomats.
Embassy of the Argentine Republic

It was very useful especially when one is less than 3 weeks in the country. It prepared the grounds for easy settling down
Ghana High Commission

An important event gives an overview about the diplomatic Life in London and a networking event that not only helps diplomats network with fellow diplomats, but also puts in direct contact with agencies and association in their roles in embassies.
Embassy of Yemen

It was a very interesting and useful event. Every new comer diplomat should attend.
High Commission of Cyprus

I found this to be a wonderful introduction to London and to life as a diplomat in this great city. A very well-organized and thorough seminar which succeeded in answering many questions.
Canadian High Commission

A great opportunity to meet other colleagues from the Embassies and people form the British Government and Parliament. Also, a great opportunity to learn about special procedures needed in order to settle in and enjoy London.
Embassy of Montenegro

Extremely good and thorough overview. By far the most complete induction I have received in any posting (have been posted in Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Israel and the UN in New York)
Embassy of Sweden

You can only gain by attending!
German Embassy

It was very helpful for new diplomats.
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq

The Embassy Induction Seminar is a must do for newly arrived diplomats. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about London, the diplomatic circles, and to network. In a nutshell, the seminar has helped me break the glass between London, the diplomatic community and myself.
Palestinian Mission

It was a very useful event that enabled me to meet the diplomats of other missions and join some of the networking.
Embassy of Mongolia

The induction seminar helps new arrived diplomats to have a soft landing to the UK. It is an extraordinary tool.
Embassy of Mexico

The event was wonderful. I was amazed by the number of diplomats that appeared. Good workshops, a chance to meet other diplomats and very friendly environment and also know more about the diplomatic supplies. I can say it was wonderful.
Embassy of Afghanistan

The event is is like a timely sprinkle that comes when the drought-hit crops are longing for it. It helps me integrate myself more effectively and efficiently into the life of London and UK.
Eembassy of China

It was useful to get in contact with the diplomatic community in London and learned a lot about the city rules and regulations.
Turkish Embassy

This is an excellent seminar for key facts to having a successful diplomatic work in the UK.
High Commission of Nigeria

An excellent, well organized event that was fun as well as being extremely informative.
US Embassy

A well organized event and very useful for new arrivals in the country.
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Very good initiative
Embassy of France

The seminar provides an excellent opportunity for networking.
Philippine Embassy