On the Fringes with Elizabeth Stewart

Model princess: The Cambridges with baby Charlotte
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Blissfully above the fray

The Royal Family always keeps a studious distance from politics, and this is especially true during an election when the outcome is so unpredictable.

So the birth of little Princess Charlotte (cue lots of cooing) must have been a welcome distraction.

And the latest addition to the family has past her first neutrality test admirably.

First of all, the fourth in line to the throne is a girl, so no chance of subliminal Tory blue being splashed on the front pages of the papers to give the Conservatives a baby bounce.

A princess nullified any bets on the baby being named Edward which tabloids speculated would give a boost to Ed Miliband.

The much awaited “spare to the heir” also bided her time, choosing to be born the day after Labour Day (so as not to favour the Labour Party) but also with a short labour, avoiding reports of a painful labour.

So full marks to Princess Charlotte, who was clearly born to do the job!