Great Wall trek

The Lithuanian Ambassador has just completed a gruelling ten-day expedition along the Great Wall of China to raise funds for charity.

Ambassador Vygaudas Usackas joined a team of 17 politicians traversing 100km along the some of the most challenging terrain of the ancient Great Wall on behalf of ‘Westminster Challenge’, a charity that brings politics and charities closer together.

The team was raising money for a number of charities including The Children’s Society, Cancer Research UK and Crimestoppers. Speaking after the trek Ambassador Usackas, said: “The chance to be involved in a project of this nature allows me to get closer to so many issues and to work with my political counterparts from the UK and also in China.” He added that the work of Westminster Challenge was important “to encourage politicians to engage with charities and to support them in any way they can.”

The Ambassador is no stranger to roughing it. Still a farmer at heart (he grows Christmas trees back in Lithuania) he has trekked through the wilderness of Siberia and even rescued a fellow hiker from the forests of the remote Kamchatka Peninsula. Next year he plans to join Trek Lithuania for Westminster Challenge.

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