Hungarian Ambassador granted Freedom of the City

Hungarian Ambassador Borbála Czakó has been granted the Freedom of the City of London, only the third Hungarian to be awarded this honour, the other two being revolutionary hero Louis Kossuth and Otto von Habsburg.

In a tradition dating back to 1237, the Ambassador took the oath in the Hall of the ancient Wax Chandlers Guild, after which she hosted a dinner at the Embassy, attended by George von Habsburg, President of the Hungarian Red Cross, and Sir Gavyn Arthur, former Lord Mayor of London (pictured left).

Now the Ambassador can look forward to a number of privileges – including the right to herd sheep over London bridge, to go about the City with a drawn sword, and if convicted of a capital offence, to be hung with a silken rope. Other advantages include the right to avoid being press-ganged, to be married in St Paul’s Cathedral, buried in the City and to be drunk and disorderly without fear of arrest. One hopes she will never need to exercise these privileges!