International | Women’s Day

The members of ASAHCA in stunning national costume

The ASAHCA Committee with Zeinab Badawi (BBC) and guest of honour Justina Mutale

Two female African Heads of Mission: Mrs Aichatou Sanni (Gabon) and Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding (Gambia)

The host Dalia Elbatal (Egypt) with guest of honour Justina Mutale

ASAHCA President Mrs Mary Mphonda (Malawi) with Mrs Fravia Musonda (Zambia) and the guest of honour Justina Mutale

All the models do a final catwalk to the World Cup theme It’s Time For Africa

Christophene Katjiuanjo models Herero dress in the Namibian flag

Spouses from Azerbaijan, Argentina, Slovakia and Honduras

Above and below: Crosscontinental fashions, from Cape to Cairo, East (Kenya) to West (Senegal)