Jaguar Land Rover and House of Colour

Sue King of Jaguar Land Rover welcomes guests to the seminar

House of Colours image consultant Julia Van Den Berg

Kakhi Kenkadze (Georgia) wins the true red scarf, with Kaye Shelford, Sue King and Julia Van Den Berg

What a difference specs make! Stylist Emilie West demonstrates how we make snap judgements based on appearances

Temnotfo Nkambule (Swaziland) chats to Helen Gardner (Chacalli de Decker)

Ilona Kenkadze (Georgia), Agnes Fenyvesy (Hungary) and Monica Pavese (Latvia)

Helen Gardner (Chacalli De Decker) welcomes Isabel Garcia (Spain) and Saraj Shah

Tying a stylish scarf

Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover) demonstrates how ‘true red’ suits everyone

Helen Gardner and Julia Van Den Berg

Lucky winner Annette Prandzioch (Royal Commonwealth Society) wins a Land Rover experience from Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover); and Kaye Shelford (The Rembrandt)

Stylist Ali Westmorland shows how colour palettes suit different complexions