Jaguar Land Rover | Jazz Voice

British Queen of Rap Queen Leshurr

LaSharVu brings the house down with their version of Prince’s Purple Rain

Broadcaster, food critic and jazz aficionado Jay Rayner was the master of ceremonies;

Kandace Springs

Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover) welcomes the Ambassador of Egypt Mr Nasser Kamel

Dame Ann Grant explains to guests the work of the Serious Trust in helping emerging talent from their countries

Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover) with Finnish Ambassador Mrs Päivi Luostarinen

The Ambassador of Chile Rolando Drago, Sue King (Jaguar Land Rover) and Mrs Edith Gallardo

JLR’s Sue King meets the Ambassador of Honduras Ivan Romero-Martinez and the High Commissioner for Mozambique Mr Filipe Chidumo

Host Sue King from Jaguar Land Rover with the Slovak Ambassador Dr L’ubomír Rehák, his wife Dana and their daughter

Deputy Austrian Ambassador Christoph Weidinger and Helen and Paul Gardner (Chacalli De Decker)

The Ambassador of Honduras Ivan Romero-Martinez, his wife Mirian, the Ambassador of Costa Rica Jose Enrique Castillo and Mr Jorge Arturo Aguilar Castillo

Gerard Liddon (Chacalli De Decker), Gloria Weidinger (Austria) and Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart