Lebanon | Independence Day

Friends in need

Government ministers, ambassadors and friends of Lebanon joined Ambassador Inaam Osseiran to mark Lebanon’s 72nd Anniversary of Independence. In her National Day address, Ambassador Osseiran said Lebanon was “determined to safeguard its sovereignty and unity” in the face of “daunting” challenges. She also welcomed the UN Resolution to combat terrorism and thanked the UK for its support.

Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood called Lebanon “a rare beacon of tolerance, coexistence and hope” in the Middle East. “The generosity that the Lebanese people have shown in hosting the largest density of refugees in history has been remarkable,” he said, adding that the UK would do all it could to protect Lebanon from Daesh’s attempts to sow instability, including supporting the Lebanese security forces and donating £50m towards Lebanese schools.

Yassine Jaber MP, the Chairman of the UK-Lebanese parliamentary Friendship Committee said the impact of the Syrian conflict on Lebanon had been “truly overwhelming”. Looking ahead to the UK co-hosted donor conference in February, he said: “A friend in need is a friend indeed and Lebanon needs the help of its friends.”


Cutting Lebanon’s birthday cake

Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko talks to Ambassador Osseiran and Mr Yassine Jaber MP

Egyptian Ambassador Kamel Nasser, Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Alistair Harrison and Jordanian Ambassador Mazen Homoud

Belgian Ambassador Guy Trouveroy, the Ambassador of Oman Abdul Aziz Al Hinai and the Ambassador of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Kazykhanov

Ambassador Osseiran welcomes guests

Chairman of the UK-Lebanon Friendship Committee Mr Yassine Jaber MP

German Ambassador Peter Ammon talks to the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Mr Alistair Harrison

Ambassador Osseiran greets Algerian Ambassador Amar Abba

Mexican Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering with Turkish Ambassador Abdurrahman Bilgic

Ambassador Osseiran welcomes the new Ambassador of Brazil Mr Eduardo Dos Santos

UK Minister for Refugees Mr Richard Harrington MP in discussion with the Ambassador of Jordan Mr Mazen Homoud