London Diplomatic Spouse Club

Marina Wheeler join spouses for a DSCL group photo

Eszter Pataki and Ildiko Gulyás

Marina Wheeler meets Brendan Cody (Norway), DSCL member and List Master for the male diplomatic network

Marina Wheeler and Dr Beáta Margitay-Becht with members of the DSCL

Marina Wheeler chats to Viktorija Nikitine (Lithuania), Spivey Megumi (Japan) and Dr Beáta Margitay-Becht

Ratna Roshida Binti Abdul Razak (Malaysia), Selva Isik (Turkey) and Aseel Al Bayati (Iraq)

Ramune Muraliene (Lithuania), DSCL Chair Agnes Fenyvesy (Hungary) and Valentina Rupel (Slovenia)

Eszter Pataki, head of the Hungarian Cultural Centre, gives a whistlestop tour of Hungary’s highlights

Hungarian Deputy Head of Mission Dr Beáta Margitay-Becht addresses the guest speaker

Marina Wheeler takes questions from the audience

Emilia Atmanagara (Australia) poses a question

Mrs Shil Rhee, wife of the South Korean Ambassador and Mrs Yoko Tsuruoka, wife of the Japanese Ambassador