Monarchy still relevant, say envoys

The monarchy remains relevant in a modern Britain, according to a poll of diplomats conducted in the run-up to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

In an Embassy survey, 94 per cent of envoys felt the British Monarchy had a valuable role to play in the national life of Britain, up 1 per cent from last year’s poll conducted before the Royal Wedding.

Only 6 per cent of respondents said the Monarchy was an outdated institution and “incompatible” with a modern democracy.

Asked what the Queen represents, many said she symbolised “unity and national identity” in a diverse Britain. One embassy worker remarked: “The Queen may be the only person (and the monarchy the only institution) that symbolises the whole of the British nation and binds it together.”

Another said the Monarch was a good role model for women and was a “collected and calm leader who never put a foot wrong”.

Many said the Queen represented “stability, decency and traditional values” in times of turmoil when politicians were “increasingly mistrusted,” wrote one respondent.
On a lighter note, diplomats remarked that the Queen generated significant revenue from tourism and Royal gossip sold a lot of newspapers and magazines.