MPs to grill EU foreign policy chief

The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs will give evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee for the first time since assuming office in December 2009.

MPs will hold a one-off session with Baroness Ashton as part of its rolling inquiry into ‘EU Enlargement and Foreign Policy’ which will focus on institutional issues concerning EU external policy structures under the Lisbon Treaty, as well as EU-related aspects of two of the Committee’s other current inquiries, into ‘British Foreign Policy and the Arab Spring: the transition to democracy’, and ‘UK-Turkey Relations and Turkey’s Regional Role’.

The EU Foreign Minister will appear before the committee at a time when the Eurozone is in turmoil over the sovereign debt crisis and may face questions over its implications for European foreign policy, in particular the debate about a proposed ‘two-speed’ Europe, with a ‘federal core’ comprising the 17 members of the Eurozone, and a looser, outer band of non-Euro countries.

The evidence session will take place at 17.00 on Monday 21 November, Wilson Room, Portcullis House. For information contact