Netherlands | King’s Day

Ambassador Smits toasts the King and the Queen

The orange carpet is rolled out for guests

A stirring rendition of the Dutch national anthem by Fleur ten Hacken

Ambassador Smits welcomes Italian ambassador Pasquale Terracciano

Neskovic, Khalid Nadeem and Lord Boswell

Evie Gibbs (FCO ), Julian Evans, Director of FCO Protocol, Irish Ambassador Daniel Mulhall and French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann

Annette Prandzioch, Chief Operating Officer of the Royal Commonwealth Society, with the heads of mission for Latvia, Belgium, Slovakia and Slovenia

Heineken on tap kept the party going

Polish ambassador Witold Sobków, with Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen (Germany) and Embassy Editor Elizabeth Stewart

Croatian Ambassador Ivan Grdešić gets a Polaroid done

Macaroons in, what else, orange

Austrian Ambassador is all smiles as he arrives

Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Alistair Harrison, Astrid Smits-Klienen, Ambassador Smits and Ambassador of Kuwait and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Khaled Al Duwaisan