New Consular Corps Committee

Christiaan Sys of the Belgian Embassy has been elected President of the Consular Corps of London.

Joining him on the committee are presidents emeritus Bernard Silver (Seychelles) and George Georgiou (Cyprus). Hayk Khemchyan (Armenia) has been appointed Treasurer and Senen Mangalile (Philippines) is the organisation’s Secretary. Sarah Mooney (USA) is in charge of digital and Althea Vanderpoole Banahene (Antigua & Barbuda) and Donyelle Ward (Bahamas) are the event organisers.

Other members include Sepala Ratnayake (Sri Lanka) and co-opted members Barry James (Tunisia), representing the Honorary Consuls, and Elizabeth Stewart as a sponsor. Minos Papanikoloau remains on as the Administrative Secretary.

The FCO’s Laura Thorne and Ross Allen brief consuls