Land Rover hosts YDL

Young diplomats go off the beaten track with Land Rover Experience at scenic Luton Hoo.

For young diplomats in London, a typical day’s driving hazards might include black-cab drivers, assertive double-decker buses and the ever-present traffic jams.

So, when Land Rover Experience London offered the YDL members the chance to experience the thrill of an off-road adventure deep in the countryside, its members readily swapped crowded city streets for the open skies and challenging tracks of the historic Luton Hoo estate in Bedfordshire.

Wild at heart
Land Rovers and Range Rovers are already a familiar sight on the diplomatic circuit. Their luxury, effortless power, commanding driving position and advanced safety systems make them a popular choice for embassies and missions. But every Land Rover has another side to its nature, and the UK network of Land Rover Experience Centres was set up to introduce owners and prospective owners to their remarkable off-road capabilities.

“If you get the chance to drive a Land Rover off-road in the future, take it. You’ll be amazed what they can do”

Young Diplomats

Young Diplomats get ready for a wild ride


At the London LRE Centre in Luton Hoo, YDL members were soon getting to grips with the all-wheel drive traction and axle articulation that keeps a Land Rover going when other 4×4 vehicles would have to quit. The Centre’s challenging course includes slopes steeper than a pedestrian could walk up unaided, near-sheer drops, deep water and slippery tracks. Rarely can 5mph have felt so exhilarating. Sessions were split into morning and afternoon drives, with the chance for both morning and afternoon attendees to get together and chat over an informal lunch at the Centre.

Wilfred Adderley II is the Second Secretary/Vice Consul at the High Commission of The Bahamas, and he’s also the President of the Young Diplomats in London Association. He was delighted with the day and its reception from the YDL members.

“What a fantastic experience! So much of a diplomat’s life is within the London area, so it was a real pleasure to spend some time in the beautiful countryside where the Land Rover Experience is based. YDL aims to offer events where members can network, make friends and build bridges across cultures. Our Land Rover Experience day is exactly the sort of social event we’re looking for.”

The YDL strives to welcome members, help them to settle, integrate and know the United Kingdom, and to keep in touch even after their posting is over. By organising fun events like the Land Rover Experience, Wilfred has made a significant contribution to diplomatic life, which is why he was awarded the Young Diplomat of the Year Award 2019.

Wilfred enjoyed getting behind the wheel and discovering Land Rover’s off-road capabilities encouraged by the LRE’s friendly instructors. “The cars were amazing. I just loved the way the Range Rover adapts seamlessly to the changing terrain while you’re being transported in comfort and elegance. My personal favourite was the Evoque – it’s elegant and chic but still has all the off-road capability of its stablemates.”

Jaguar Land Rover is the official automotive partner of the Young Diplomats in London, so you can expect to see the company involved with future YDL social and fundraising events. Meanwhile, Wilfred has a word of advice for YDL members who didn’t make it to Luton Hoo this time. “You really missed out! If you get the chance to drive a Land Rover off-road in the future, take it. You’ll be amazed what they can do.”

Sue King is the Manager for Jaguar Land Rover Diplomatic, Military and Tax Free Sales

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