Patrick Doyle

A day in the life of… Patrick Doyle
Patrick in his element – serving wine to lovely ladies
at the Embassy Event Expo

They say that wine is the lubricant of diplomacy, so it was fitting that Patrick Doyle, the managing director of IDS, was presented with the award of Diplomatic Supplier of the Year at the recent Diplomat Awards.

It’s been a hectic few months for Patrick, who selflessly puts his liver in the line of duty. “It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it,” grins the Irish-born IDS boss.

There is barely a red-letter event on the diplomatic calendar that isn’t ‘lubricated’ by Patrick’s wines and spirits. In this fevered period of football finals, the diplomatic corps has its own version of the FA Cup – the IDS Trophy, thanks to Patrick’s sponsorship of the popular Diplomatic Football Association – International Football League.

Patrick’s wines also fuel a succession of ‘high spirited’ Young Diplomats in London (YDL) parties, from the recent Black & White Ball (p16) to the upcoming Solstice Party.

Last month, the Women in Diplomatic Service celebrated the election of their new committee with a glass of IDS champagne, while the Consular Corps of London toasts “The Queen and all heads of state represented” at their monthly lunches with IDS wine.

And no golf tournament in the defence attaché community would be the same without a refreshing pint at the 19th hole.

Of course, our very own Embassy Group would not exist were it not for the support of Patrick and his team – from hosting a fun wine-tasting at our Event Expo last month, to sponsoring the Embassy Induction Seminar for newly-arrived diplomats.

That’s not forgetting all the wines he supplies for national days and embassy functions – not to mention his new office in Dubai, serving the diplomatic markets of Asia and the Middle East.

But the best is yet to come – on 21 May Patrick will be the centre of attention at his annual Champagne Reception for the diplomatic corps at which he will be launching his Spring Brochure. Everyone that IDS has supported will turn out to support him, so be sure not to miss it!

If your mission would like to use the services of this award-winning diplomatic supplier, contact Patrick Doyle on or call him on 07715 165833