Poland crowned league champs

Andrew Bennett of IDS presents the IDS Trophy to Ecuador

Forget the FA Cup – there was plenty of drama in this year’s Diplomatic Football Association season.

Lusitânia Brazil ended the season on a high, beating rivals Poland 4-3 in an end-of-season match played in memory of Marek Borowicz, a Polish player who died during a league match in 1997.

But it was a consolation prize because Poland, with their superior record, were the League’s undisputed champions.

Ecuador won the IDS-sponsored Diplomatic Cup final, beating France 5-4 in a nail-biting finish that went to extra-time, while Poland beat Spain 2-1 in the thrilling Diplomatic Plate final.

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DFA-IFL Final League table

1. Poland 39
2. Lusitânia Brasil 26
3. France 20
4. Panama 19
5. Ireland 17
6. Ecuador 14
7. Spain 7
8. Japan 7