Politicians and press to stay out of media regulation

John Whittingdale with DPAAL committee member Oksana Kyzyma of the Ukraine Embassy
The Chairman of the Culture Media and Sport Committee John Whittingdale MP told press attachés at a DPAAL meeting hosted by the Ukraine Embassy that a future UK media regulator must be independent of politicians and the media.

The MP, whose committee rose to prominence after seeking a public inquiry into the phone hacking scandal, argued that tougher regulation was needed to punish unethical media behaviour.

Following the Leveson Inquiry, a Royal Charter was established to underpin a new system of media regulation. But many of Britain’s media organisations have refused to sign up to it, claiming it is vulnerable to political interference.

Mr Whittingdale also touched on the increasing power of select committees “to allow public control over injustice”. It is currently holding an inquiry into whether there has been progress in setting up a new press regulator and if it will seek recognition under the Royal Charter.