Queen is ‘ultimate’ diplomat

Just another day at the office for The Queen. Day 23,226…

In tributes to The Queen on her becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history, London’s ambassadors called her “the ultimate diplomat” who contributed “immeasurably” to diplomatic life.

The Queen has received more than 3000 heads of mission during her 63-year reign and although constitutionally she cannot intervene in politics, envoys said her “discreet, quiet diplomacy and charm” was an “enormous asset” to British diplomacy. One head of mission praised the Queen for being “level-headed, non-partisan and astute.”

One seasoned head of mission said foreign dignitaries who meet her in London or abroad are “very deeply impressed by her professionalism, deep and broad experience and her insights on many issues. She has dealt with US Presidents from Truman to Obama which is as such almost unbelievable!”