South Africa | Freedom Day

Sinehhlanhla Sithole wore a striking bead outfit

High Commissioner Mlaba delivers his Freedom Day address

Sinehhlanhla Sithole wore a striking bead outfit

Music group the Lion King Quartet gets the party going

Former Trade Commissioner to South Africa Andy Henderson reminisces about his time in the Republic

Embassy editor Elizabeth Stewart and the High Commissioner for the Seychelles Marie-Pierre Lloyd

Brig-Gen Sithabiso Mahlobo, Cameroon Ambassador Nkwelle Ekaney and High Commissioner Mlaba

High Commissioner Mlaba with Libyan Ambassador Mahmud Mohammed Nacua

The Ambassador of South Sudan Sabit Abbe Alley and the Ambassador of Eritrea Estifanos Habtermariam Ghebreyesus

Heads of mission for Mozambique, Singapore, Ghana, Seychelles, Mauritius and Zambia

Time to cut a rug on the dance floor

High Commissioner Mlaba welcomes former High Commissioner to South Africa, Paul Boateng

Singer Joyce Moholoagae belts out a track

Tasty South African grub