Partnership Packages

Embassy has two partnership packages, the Privilege Partnership and the Premium Partnership. Both packages contain the essential combination of brand exposure, advertising, consulting and attending Embassy networking events, all of which are the key tools required, to expand your diplomatic business.

Both packages can be tailored to your requirements, to ensure you get the best results from your partnership package.

As an Embassy Partner, you will meet with Elizabeth Stewart, so she can gain a clear understanding on what you are looking to achieve from your partnership package. With this information she will work with you and put together a package that is going to be most beneficial to you over the 12 months. Throughout the year you will work closely with a team member of the Embassy Group.

  • To find out further details about the Embassy Privilege and Premium partnership packages please contact Kerry Low

About the Diplomatic market


London has the biggest bilateral diplomatic community in the world, numbering some 22,500* diplomats and their families. They represent more than 160 countries and their diplomatic status makes them different to any other market.


Every year London’s diplomatic missions spend nearly £2.3bn** on goods and services in the UK, both as individuals and as part of the mission’s official expenditure.


Our subscribers belong to the ABC1 consumer group and are drawn from the political and professional elite in their countries. Around half of the heads of mission in London are hand-picked by their heads of state and are personally wealthy.


Our subscribers frequently enjoy generous living allowances for themselves and their families as well as tax-free privileges. Many have to fulfil representational duties.


No matter what the economic climate, there is always room in an embassy budget for services and products.


A virtual network of more than 4000 individual diplomatic subscribers (and growing) log on to the website and receive our monthly magazine directly in their inbox. It is also forwarded within embassy intranets to locally employed staff and family members.


Many diplomats posted in more than 50 countries have requested to remain on our circulation list, making our network global. Our digital format is ideal for diplomats, who receive and distribute information instantaneously, making our readership considerably wider than our official subscriber database. In a few easy clicks, relevant intelligence can be forwarded to diplomatic networks and foreign ministries across the globe – without weighing down the diplomatic bag.

  • * FCO, 2016 **ONS Pink Book, 2015
  • To find out further details about the Embassy Privilege and Premium partnership packages please contact Kerry Low

  • Why work in partnership with Embassy?


    Embassy is a trusted organisation with a team that has spent over a decade serving this influential market.


    As a digital magazine and network, we are able to offer you extensive access to the diplomatic market for very competitive rates.


    We are the information hub of the London diplomatic community. Diplomats feed us information and come to us first for advice and recommendations. The Embassy editor is a well-known face on the circuit and networks extensively with all the diplomatic associations at the Court of St James’s.


    We remain in constant contact with diplomatic missions and our subscriber database is updated regularly. Departing diplomats are invited to join our ex-London list and new arrivals are invited to join the network.

  • To find out further details about the Embassy Privilege and Premium partnership packages please contact Kerry Low

  • Working with Embassy you will benefit from:

    Unrivalled direct market access

    Person-to-person contacts are vital in this market. Our decade’s experience serving this community means nobody understands the market better than we do.


    We are the only company who can give you targeted access to your decision-makers within the diplomatic missions.

    Regular exposure

    Advertising with Embassy will give your products and services regular exposure to embassy officials seeking to buy your goods and services. We publish a number of publications, both digital and printed giving you options for both banner and printed advertising. For further details please contact Kerry Low.

    Building relationships

    Partnering with the  Embassy Network and attending the Embassy events you will build and maintain relationships within the diplomatic circle, which is vital with this ever-changing niche audience.

    Enhanced branding

    The reputation of your company will be enhanced as your company is directly associated with a product enjoyed and valued by the diplomatic community.

    Global reach

    Embassy provides additional promotional opportunities in a growing virtual network for diplomats across the globe. Securing business from a diplomat or mission in London today could translate into business in another capital tomorrow.

    Competitive advantage

    Working with Embassy will give your company a competitive advantage in the diplomatic market by helping you build lasting relationships with the foreign missions.

  • To find out further details about the Embassy Privilege and Premium partnership packages please contact Kerry Low