Take a walk on the wild side at Estonia’s new embassy

Forests, marshes, moss-like rugs and even wild bird song in the bathrooms delighted guests at the opening of the new Estonian Embassy.

Ambassador Lauri Bambus called the Embassy “a small piece of Estonia in central London”.

Inspired by nature and designed by Estonian architects, the Embassy features tableaux by landscape photographer Arne Ader that will charm visitors to the Embassy and make Estonians feel at home in their spacious new consulate.

But Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand made sure there was room for one special vintage relic from the old embassy: the coat of arms that adorned the very first Embassy in the UK and remained a symbol of hope during the Soviet occupation.

Wide open spaces: Estonian consul Sven Tolp at his desk in the new consulate

Not bog-standard: bird song and marshes in the bathroom