Tunisia | Nobel Prize Celebration

Guests attending the reception to celebrate the Tunisian Quartet winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Mrs Kazykhanova, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan Alisher Kurmanov and Ambassador Kazykhanov

The Ambassadors of Qatar, Morocco, Sudan and Lebanon listen as the Ambassador of Kuwait congratulates Tunisia on its achievement

Mrs Ammar and Ambassador Ammar appreciate the address given by the Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP

Mrs Ammar welcomes the Ambassador of Morocco HH Princess Lalla Joumala

Ambassador Ammar, the Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP and his sister Valerie Vaz MP show their appreciation for the musical recital

Noble Nobel winners

Ambassadors, parliamentarians and friends of Tunisia crowded into the Prince’s Gate Embassy on the night the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet were presented with the Nobel Peace Prize to celebrate this remarkable achievement.

Tunisian Ambassador Nabil Ammar reminisced about attending the ceremony when he was head of mission in Oslo. “My wife and I always wondered if we would witness a Nobel Prize for Tunisia – and now that is a reality!”

Ambassador Ammar said the prize was “recognition of what has been achieved as well as an encouragement to pursue the difficult journey towards a stable and prosperous free country”.

In an impressive speech (see p3) he reminded guests of Tunisia’s history of tolerance: “This unique political innovation didn’t come by chance – it is in line with our identity.”

The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, the Ambassador of Kuwait Khaled Al Duwaisan spoke of the pride the Arab world had for Tunisia, while the Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP praised Tunisia as the “etoile brilliante” of the Mediterranean, saying: “Tunisia won this because of their support for democracy, rights of women, human rights and for the dignity of labour”.


Ambassador Ammar with the Ambassador of Norway Mona Juul

Ambassador Kazykhanov and Mrs Kazykhanova welcome the Ambassador of Slovenia Tadej Rupel and his wife Mrs Valentina Rupe