UK OTs claim self determination rights

Political leaders of UK Overseas Territories meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron

Political leaders of Britain’s Overseas Territories reasserted the “right of self-determination” in a joint statement issued at the inaugural Joint Ministerial Council in London.

In a move likely to anger countries such as Spain and Argentina with rival claims to some UK territories, the communiqué states further that “the people of each Territory have the right to choose whether or not their Territory should remain a British Overseas Territory.”

The meeting – which also set out other priorities, such as economic growth, constitutional reform and the environment – was held amid rising tensions between Britain, Spain and Argentina.

In November the FCO summoned the Ambassador of Spain, Mr Federico Trillo, over incursions of Spanish ships in the waters around Gibraltar, while the Ambassador of Argentina was called in to explain alleged harrassment of cruise companies sailing to the Falklands/Malvinas