US Embassy gears up for Election Night party

With one of the tightest US presidential races predicted in years, the US Embassy’s Election Night Party is certain to be one of the hottest tickets in town.

The US Embassy has rolled out the stars and stripes and the donkeys and elephants for the festivities which will start at 10pm.

A-listers and a few diplomats are sure to be putting in an appearance as well as a few Uncle Sams, George Washingtons and Lady Liberties.

Wall-to-wall television screens in the media centre will allow guests to watch the results as they start coming in at around midnight, and those who take their politics really seriously can join the debates with pundits in the Embassy auditorium.

The Regal Eagle basement bar will be playing chart-toppers all night long while serving all-American nosh through to the small hours when the winner is likely to be called.

And who will that be? In a vox pop on the diplomatic circuit, nobody was prepared to call it. But while the candidates’ policies on domestic issues differ, most diplomats agree that the two take a similar approach in international affairs: favouring multilateral diplomacy and working with allies to resolve conflicts.

As one EU Ambassador sagely put it: “Whoever wins on 6 November, diplomacy will be the winner.”