WDS and AERL City slickers

London’s women diplomats teamed up with economic attachés for an insider’s view of some of the City’s great institutions.

The City Walk was arranged by Alderman Alison Gowman, in association with the WDS and the AERL.

The visit started with a tour of Governor’s House, the headquarters of Prudential and once the home of the Roman governor.

Chief archivist David Carter gave diplomats a tour of the company’s art collection and an overview of the institution’s 160-year history.

A walk through the city’s back streets brought members to Steelyard Passage and a plaque commemorating the Hanseatic League, where Professor Michael Mainelli told diplomats about London’s links to the free trading Hanseatic alliance that some see as
a precursor to the WTO.

Then it was on to the NYSE Euronext building where diplomats were given an insight into the frenetic world of London’s futures exchange market.

The tour ended with a reception within the historic 17th century Innholder’s Hall, where the Beadle, Dougal Bulger, explained the role of the City’s Livery Companies.

Jeremy Fern, the assistant director of economic affairs at the Corporation of the City of London gave an overview of the City as a financial powerhouse.

The evening ended with a discussion by Alison Gowman on City politics.